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Up to Three Years of Comprehensive Warranty.

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Our products are easy to install, and simple to operate. A typical unpacking and installation of a TV lift can take approximately 15 minutes with one person, depending on the application. All of our products offer the ability to fine tune the adjustment of the parts to ensure a ‘custom’ fit.

Rated at below 50 decibels above ambient, revealing your TV has never been so convenient and smooth. Use it late at night or in an apartment without worrying about disturbing sensitive ears. High grade materials manufacturing and strict quality control is how we keep our units quiet and smooth, a dedication you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Most common and uncommon sizes are supported by both the Pop-Up and the Drop-Down lifts, while special units can be provided for extra large TV sizes over what our lifts are rated to. When choosing a lift, we encourage you to measure your TV’s height and then look for a lift with a stroke length greater than your measurement; this will ensure your whole screen is visible after being revealed.

When placing your order on our easy to follow checkout page, you will be quoted for shipping and given options as to how soon you want to get your new lift. Orders placed prior to noon Pacific Standard Time will have their orders shipped the same day, and if ordered on a non-business day or after our cut-off time your order will be shipped the following business day.

Proprietary design and size. While automation solutions are becoming more demanding as tech products slim down, we decided to trim the excess fat off our lifts. When you shop with Firgelli, you get a slick, space efficient product which will challenge any space-budgeted project you can undertake.

Products you can trust have reliable companies standing behind them. Firgelli Automations offers up to a 3 year comprehensive warranty so you can worry about keeping your guests entertained, and let us worry about keeping your automation solution serving you best.

Firgelli TV lifts provide high safety standards. Over control box guarantees the fulfilment of all the safety requirements that will protect your families and Pets. You don’t have to worry about anything related to its operations. Firgellis TV lifts gives a tidy look to your home. These TV lifts are enclosed.

Firgellis TV lift systems are equipped with infrared remote control and a switch box. If the infrared system fails then the switch box provides back up for normal operations. You don’t have to worry about your expensive TV sets; they won’t be left hanging or stuck half way in the cabinet. Frigelli TV lifts are slim and provides more room for storage.

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Why Firgelli TV Lifts

As a global leader and one of the original linear actuator manufacturers, we understand that to prosper a business must seek to establish a unique presence in the marketplace. Firgelli Automations accomplishes this by building constructive and abiding relationships with end-users and businesses alike, working together as a team to accomplish impressive feats by converting electrical current into precise linear motion. Firgelli is a dependable source for trusted names such as NASA, SpaceX, General Motors, Tesla Motors, General Atomics, and more. The applications of our products extend from TV lifts and automated furniture, to armored vehicles, all the way to advanced air-brake spoilers for supercars.
Firgelli was built around the concept of ‘the internet of things’, and that the barriers which faced the procurement of goods have been torn down leaving a simple way for our global partners to see what products are available, order, and have their order fulfilled the same day. No matter your application, we have an automated solution for you.


What We Aim For

Since its inception in 2004, Firgelli Automations as developed a wide range of products to match an ever-changing landscape of applications, all to offer you the best possible return on investment. We seek to provide high quality commodities which serve you best, backed by first-rate customer service. We stock our products in a secure facility, and offer same day shipping on orders placed prior to our shipping cut-off. Let Firgelli Automations ‘Put Your Dreams in Motion‘.

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